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Advanced Courses  (Level 3):    Face-to-Face


3 Days plus Practical

POP (1.5 days)
- Advanced Anatomy
- Detailed POP-Q
- Surgeries (including videos)
- Understanding Mesh
- Conservative Management 
- Pessaries

(1.5 days)
- Urethral Hypermobility
- Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency
- Predicting who is appropriate for physiotherapy and who may require surgical options
- Adjuncts to treatment
- Surgical Options
- Pessaries for SUI

Adv VE Practical
- Sizing, Insertion and Removal of Ring and Cube Pessaries.

Overactive Bladder

2 Days (no internal)

Diagnosis & Ax (Day 1)
- Advanced Bladder Anatomy
and Neural Control of the LUT
- Neurogenic vs Idiopathic vs Secondary OAB
- Urodynamic Assessment
- SR Bladder Diaries

Treatment of the OAB Patient (Day 2)
- A-delta vs C-Fibre urgency
- Lifestyle Management
- Bladder Retraining
- e-stims for OAB
- Medical Management
1. Antimuscarinics
3. Botox
- Implanted Neuromodulation

PF Pain Disorders - 

2 Days plus VE Practical

Pain theory & Adv VE (Day 1)
- Advanced Pelvic Anatomy
- Neural innervation of the pelvic floor and pelvic viscera.
- Viscerosomatic Convergences
- Neural Sensitization
- Assessing the High Tone PF

Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes (Day 2)
Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of:
- Urologic Pain Syndromes
- Anorectal Pain Syndromes
- Neuralgias of the pelvis
- Sexual Pain Disorders

Adv VE Practical
- Palpation of Levator Ani, Coccygeus, Arcus Tendineus Levator Ani, Obturator Internus

Advanced Bowel Disorders Course

3 Day Format

This is the extended version of the 2 Day Intermediate Bowel Disorders course (see below) and is jointly run by Ms Taryn Hallam and Prof Marc Gladman (colorectal surgeon).

Day 1 & 2

- Advanced Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Assessment & Diagnosis of Colorectal and Anorectal Disorders

- Colorectal and Anorectal Surgical and Medical Management

Day 3

Physiotherapy Management of Chronic Constipation and Faecal Incontinence

Adv PF: Exercise, Sport & Muscul. Dysfunction

2 Day Theory Course

Exercise & Sport 
- Assessing Pelvic Floor for Return to Exercise 
- High Risk vs Low Risk Exercise for the PF 
- The Elite Athlete

PF & MS Dysfunction
- When Pelvic Floor Dysfunction presents as MS Dysfunction
- When Musculoskeletal Dysfunction causes Pelvic Floor Symptoms
- Pelvic Floor and PGP/LBP
- Pelvic Floor & Hip Dysfunction
- Thoraco-Lumbar Dysfunction: could it link with Urinary Dysfunction and pelvic floor? 

Adv PF: Objective Testing Course

1 Day Theory plus VE Prac

Designed to assist physiotherapists to make their assessments of pelvic floor function more objective, reliable and valid to the goals of treatment.

Theory section will cover the research on sensitivity, specificity, Intra-rater and Inter-rater reliability as well as validity of:

1. POP-Q measures

2. PF Strength Scales (MOS, ICS scale, Brink Score)

3. Hiatus Assessments (genital and Levator Hiatus)

4. Manometry

5. EMG

6. Ultrasound (TA and TP)

7. Other objective assessment options.

Intermediate Bowel Disorders Course

2 Day Format

This is a shortened version of the 3 Day Advanced Bowel Course. This is lectured by Taryn Hallam only. Physiotherapy treatment lectures are the same in both courses.