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WHTA Courses vs APA Levels

How do they compare??

This is a difficult comparison as the new APA program has a different structure. For a general summary simply see the bottom of this page, or for a full explanation please keep reading!!!!

Topics in WHTA Intro Course that are not in Level 1 APA

There are large number of topics that were covered in the WHTA Introductory Women's Health 5 Day Course that are not covered until level 2 of the APA program.


- detailed subjective history taking in pelvic floor           - internal examination (ie vaginal examination)

- sensation related bladder diary calculations                - discussion of e-stimulation for pelvic floor disorders

- exercise in high risk pregnancy

These are all part of the LEVEL 2 APA course but were covered in the WHTA Intro Course.

Topics in APA Level 1 that were not in the WHTA Intro Course

There are a couple of topics in the new APA Level 1 program that weren't covered in the previous WHTA Introductory Course.


- detailed discussion on biological sex vs gender       - intersex and mullerian abnormalities

- the female adolescent                                               - gynaecological cancer, breast cancer

Topics in APA Level 2 that were not in the WHTA Intro Course

There are also topics in the new APA level 2 course that weren't covered at all in the WHTA Intro Course

Example: practical sessions on

- trans-perineal ultrasound of the pelvic floor

- digital rectal examination

- e-stims

Recognition of Prior Learning



The Australian Physiotherapy Association has already approved that whilst there are some differences between the programs, the content covered in the IWHC is sufficient to allow exemption from all of the APA LEVEL ONE course.


Exemptions have not yet been determined for the APA Level 2 course. 

Should I do the new APA L1 if I have previously completed the WHTA Introductory Course?

This is a very individual decision for each physiotherapist.

As mentioned above, the APA is granting exemption from all of Level 1 for physiotherapists who have completed the WHTA Introductory Program.

However..... having written the APA Level 1 I can say that whilst a physiothearpist who has completed the WHTA-IWHC doesn't need to do the Level 1, there is additional depth in the online Level 1 lectures that I believe people would find interesting.

This is why WHTA is offerring a 60% rebate for prior IWHC participants if they would like to complete the L1 for their own personal interest.


To cover all the topics in the previous WHTA Introductory Women's Health - 5 Day Program a physiotherapist would need to complete all of APA Level 1 and parts of the Level 2 program.

However, by the time a physiotherapist completes Level 1 and Level 2 of the new APA program they will have more knowledge than the previous WHTA Introductory Women's Health - 5 Day Program

There is no change to the WHTA Advanced Pelvic Floor Courses. The advanced courses still run through WHTA and are probably most closely linked to what will be Level 3 and higher in the new APA program. WHTA is not planning to be involved in the development of APA Level 3 Courses.

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