WHTA - Women's Health Training Associates Pty Ltd

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Extension Courses (Level 3):    Face-to-Face

Sensitive Practice LGBTIQ Clients - catering for all.


Sensitive Practice ORGASM / AROUSAL disorders in women.

1 Day Theory

Predictive Pelvic Floor - BIRTH CHOICE     for mothers


Adv Pelvic Floor
- CO-MORBIDITIES and their relevance

1 Day Theory

The impact on the urinary system, digestive system and pelvic floor of: 

1. Medical Conditions:
- Diabetes Mellitus
- Sleep Apnea and 
- Heart Disease

2. Neural Injuries
- Traumatic Brain Injuries
- Spinal Cord Injury
- Stroke

3. Nervous System Diseases
- Parkinson's Disease
- Multiple Sclerosis