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Extension Courses (Level 3):    Face-to-Face

Sensitive Practice
TRAUMA Clients attending physioth.

1 Day theory

Understanding and catering for the needs of Clients with PTSD and or a history of abuse

Course will address
- Symptoms of PTSD
- Managing Flashbacks
- Postpartum PTSD
- Child Sexual Abuse
- Domestic Violence
- Documentation

Sensitive Practice LGBTIQ Clients - catering for all.

1 Day Theory

Understanding of the difference between sex, gender and sexual identity.

Issues of discrimination, mental health and respect in health care for the LGBTIQ population.

Unique needs of Trans men and women attending physiotherapy who have undergone hormonal or surgical transition 

Sensitive Practice ORGASM / AROUSAL disorders in women.

1 Day Theory

Predictive Pelvic Floor - BIRTH CHOICE     for mothers

1 Day theory

Are there women who are higher risk than average for pelvic floor dysfunction after a vaginal birth?

Course will look at the risk factors for 
- Urinary Incontinence 
- Faecal Incontinence

Considerations for a second birth after a first OASIS

Case Studies for the high risk area of giving advice 

Adv Pelvic Floor
- CO-MORBIDITIES and their relevance

1 Day Theory

The impact on the urinary system, digestive system and pelvic floor of: 

1. Medical Conditions:
- Diabetes Mellitus
- Sleep Apnea and 
- Heart Disease

2. Neural Injuries
- Traumatic Brain Injuries
- Spinal Cord Injury
- Stroke

3. Nervous System Diseases
- Parkinson's Disease
- Multiple Sclerosis