WHTA - Women's Health Training Associates Pty Ltd

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Introductory Courses (Level 1):    Face-to-Face

Women's Health Physiotherapy

5 Days plus VE practical

Days 1 - 3: Pelvic Floor 
Assessment, diagnosis and treatment of the PF patient (urinary, bowel and prolapse disorders)

Day 4-5:  Childbearing Year (physiotherapy for the pregnant and early postnatal woman)

Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

3 Days plus VE

Note: this is the first three days of the Women's Health Physiotherapy Course

Day 1: Anatomy & Pathophys.

Day 2: Assessment of the PF Pt

Day 3: Treatment of the PF Pt.

Maternity Physiotherapy

2 Days

Note: This is the final 2 days of the Women's Health Physiotherapy Course.

Day 1: Pregnancy and the Pregnant Outpatient

Day 2: Exercise in High Pregnancy, High Risk pregnancy and Postnatal Ward Physiotherapy