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APA Level 1 / Level 2 Cashback Program


1. WHTA Pty Ltd now offers a Cashback Rebate program for WHTA Members 

enrolled in L1 / L2 APA Women's Health "online courses" co-branded with WHTA.

2. A physiotherapist must be a member of WHTA prior to enrolling in an

 APA L1 or L2 Women's Health online course to be eligible to apply for a cashback

3. A maximum of 2 applications can be processed in any one financial year 

and must be received within 6months of payment of APA Course.

The new Level 1 and Level 2 APA Women's Health Pathway is a much longer program than the previous WHTA 5 Day course, with both extensive online learning modules as well as extra face to face days. As a result, completion of the Level 1 and Level 2 program will cost the physiotherapist more than the previous WHTA Introductory Women's Health Course.

In keeping with WHTA's commitment to ensuring that entry to the field of women's health physiotherapy remains affordable, WHTA is pleased to announce the new "MEMBER CASHBACK" subsidy program funded by WHTA to support physiotherapists choosing to complete the new APA program. 

Whilst we understand this only provides a percentage rebate on the full cost, we do hope this assists our members who wish to  either add to their current professional development or further their professional development via the new APA pathway.

The only courses eligible are those listed on the WHTA Cashback Table Document provided below.
However this includes
- APA Level 1 Introductory Women's Health Online Series
- APA Level 1 Women's Pelvic Health Online Series
- APA Level 1 Women's Health Life Stages Online Series

note: It is likely that the rebate program will be extended to the Level 2 Online series however this will be determined in coming months. However, there are no rebates for the APA Level 1 or Level 2 Face-to-Face courses or for other APA online courses.


The minimum rebate that a WHTA member will receive is 20% of the fee paid to the APA for the online courses enrolled in. However, certain physiotherapists are eligible to apply for a greater rebate (ranging from 30% to 60% depending on previous training undertaken with WHTA). There is also an increased rebate for Level 1 Online courses for all New Graduate Physiotherapists (less than 2 years since graduation).