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Note: to be eligible for ASSOCIATE Membership with WHTA you need to meet the following two criteria

1. be a Registered Health Practitioner that is not a Physiotherapist

note: Physiotherapists must register as FULL Members... CLICK HERE if you are a physiotherapist.

        Medical Doctors are welcome to apply as either a FULL or ASSOCIATE member and should consider the benefits of   

        each type of membership before applying

        All other health practitioners: to apply for associate membership:

         - non-physio Australian Health Practitioners must provide their AHPRA registration number

         - other countries: must be registered with their national registration board

         - specific to USA: physical therapy assistants are welcome to apply for associate membership

2. be already trained in women's pelvic health (including internal examinations) and be currently working in the field.

       note: as part of your application you will be asked to provide details of your previous training in women's pelvic health and

                your current place of work. WHTA may verify this information with your supplied workplace website or via contact with 

                your provided reference.


ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Application Form  (AUD$59 GST incl)

Become a WHTA Associate Member

Name (Last Name, First Name)*

Email Address*

Mobile Phone Number

Home Address (Number and Street)

Suburb, State, Postcode*


Health Practitioner Sub-Type (eg Registered Nurse, Midwife, Occupational Therapist etc)


(please type in full, do not simply use abbreviation)

Registration Number eg Australian AHPRA Registration number or equivalent*

Baseline Training in Women's Pelvic Health (incl internal examination)

Please list Title of Course, Year Completed, Name of Training Institution

Current Place of Work

Name, Position Title and either phone number or email of a Reference who can verify you are currently working with a women's pelvic health caseload

I wish to pay my Membership Fee by:
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