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Level 1 - Introductory  

Women's Health Physiotherapy Training 

Working as a physiotherapist in "Women's Health" commonly refers to having specialty training in either or both of the following areas: 

Women's Pelvic Health

assessing and treating conditions related to bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction

Women's Life Stages

conditions specifically related to pregnancy, early postpartum, menopause and breast health

A physiotherapist may choose to train in one or both areas, however it is encouraged to have at least Level 1 Training in both areas in order to have a holistic view of your patient's life stage and concerns.

Prior to commencing either stream, physiotherapists must first complete the online series "Introductory Women's Health Physiotherapy", which provides the pre-requisite anatomy and physiology for both streams. This content is available on-demand (can be enrolled and accessed immediately online to commence your women's health journey).


After completing the IWH Physiotherapy course, physiotherapists can then choose to progress through either the Women's Pelvic Health Stream*, the Women's Life Stages Stream or both.

Both specialised streams commence with online pre-recorded lectures which are pre-requisite to then attending the 1 Day Face-to-Face classroom course for practical skills teaching.

*note: there are no internal examinations taught in level 1 (neither internal vaginal nor internal digital rectal examination). At Level 1 physiotherapists will be taught to use trans-abdominal ultrasound and external visual inspection of the anoperineum to assess pelvic floor muscle function. Internal examinations are commenced in Level 2. 


In 2020, the Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) partnered with Women's Health Training Associates (WHTA) to provide a formalised training pathway in women's health.  As such, WHTA's Level 1 and Level 2 training is now provided via the APA. For more information on this partnership and what it means for recognition of your training please refer to our "Overview of Women's Health Training" information page 

Could you be exempt from completing Level 1?? 

Some physiotherapists are eligible to receive exemption from Level 1 due to prior learning.

For further information please click the button below to read the APA FAQ  and Exemption document to see if you are eligible to apply for exemption and move straight to level 2


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