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Pelvic Health - Physiotherapist Locator




About WHTA-Physio Locator

The WHTA Physio Locator provides both health professionals and the general public a list of physiotherapists who have completed training with WHTA in the are of pelvic floor dysfunction (including bladder, bowel and sexual dysfunction).


1. WHTA does not competency assess and does not make claims of competency for any practitioner listed.

2. Listing on this website simply acknowledges that the physiotherapist has attended continuing professional development with WHTA.

3. At the bottom of each listing WHTA provides a summary of courses attended by the WHTA Physiotherapist

4. Whilst WHTA attempts to keep this list up-to-date this service is provided without remuneration. Since publication physiotherapists may have moved location or completed further training.

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