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Level 3 Advanced Pelvic Floor Courses


4 days LIVE Online Theory 

+ 2-3hr face-to-face practical

POP (Day 1 and 2 Theory)

- Advanced Anatomy

- Detailed POP-Q

- Surgeries (including videos)

- Understanding Mesh

- Conservative Management

- Pessaries

SUI  (Day 3 and 4 Theory)

- Urethral Hypermobility

- Intrinsic Sphincter Deficiency

- Adjuncts to treatment

- Surgical Options

- Pessaries for SUI

Practical - Pessary Skills

assessment for sizing, insertion and removal of ring and cube pessaries.

Adv PF: Overactive Bladder

3 days LIVE Online Theory

(no practical for this course)

Diagnosis & Ax (1.5days)

- Advanced Bladder Anatomy

and Neural Control of the LUT

- Neurogenic vs Idiopathic vs Secondary DO

- Urodynamic Assessment

- SR Bladder Diaries

Treatment  (1.5 days)

- A-delta vs C-Fibre urgency

- Lifestyle Management

- Bladder Retraining

- e-stims for OAB

- Medical Management

           1. Antimuscarinics and B3 Agonists

           2.. Oestrogen Therapy

           3. PTNS

           4. Intravesical Botox

           5. Implanted Neuromodulation

Adv PF:  Bowel / Anorectal 

4 Days Online Theory

jointly run by Ms Taryn Hallam (physiotherapist) & Prof Marc Gladman (colorectal surgeon). 

Day 1 - 3 (open to multidisciplinary)

- Advanced Anatomy, Pathophysiology, Assessment & Diagnosis of Colorectal and Anorectal Disorders

- Colorectal and Anorectal Surgical and Medical Management

- Physiotherapy Assessment of the Pelvic Floor Patient with complex anorectal and / or colorectal dysfunction.

Day 4 (physiotherapists only)

Physiotherapy Management of Chronic Constipation and Faecal Incontinence

Adv PF:  Persistent Pelvic / Sexual Pain and High Tone PF Disorders

3 Days LIVE Online Theory plus 

+ 2hour VE practical

Day 1: Pain theory & Adv VE Skills

- Advanced Pelvic Anatomy

- Neural innervation of the PF and pelvic viscera.

- Viscerosomatic Convergences

- Neural Sensitization

- Assessing the 'High Tone' PF

Day 2 & 3: Chronic Pelvic Pain Syndromes

Assessment, Diagnosis and Treatment of:

- Urologic Pain Syndromes

- Anorectal Pain Syndromes

- Neuralgias of the pelvis

- Sexual Pain Disorders

Adv VE Practical

Detailed palpation of Levator Ani, Coccygeus, Arcus Tendineus Levator Ani, Obturator Internus

Adv PF: Exercise, Sport & Musculosketal Dysfunctions

2 days LIVE Online Theory

A two day course to assist the physiotherapist with advanced clinical practice questions including

Part 1: PF Dysfunction and General Exercise

- Assessing Pelvic Floor for Return to Exercise

- High Risk vs Low Risk Exercise for the PF

- Assisting the woman with PFD return to Exercise

Part 2: PF Dysfunction (UI) in Elite Athletes

Understanding why young, nulliparous elite athletes experience urinary incontinence and the possible role of physiotherapy

Part 2: PF & MS Dysfunction

- Pelvic Floor and PGP/LBP

- Pelvic Floor & Hip Dysfunction

- Thoraco-Lumbar Dysfunction: could it link with Urinary Dysfunction and pelvic floor? 

Adv PF: BIRTH CHOICES  Antenatal Predictive Pelvic Floor

2 Days LIVE Online theory

A two day course to assist physiotherapists in advanced clinical practice roles with 

Part 1: Ethical and Legal Responsibilities

The legal, ethical and moral dilemma surrounding inclusion of PF as a factor in birth choice, and the current risk prediction models (eg UR-CHOICE)

Part 2: Choice - First Birth 

Determining risk of PF trauma / PF dysfunction in first time mothers planning vaginal delivery

- risk of OASIS / Avulsion / Faecal Incontinence

- risk of PP Urinary Incontinence

- risk of PP POP

PART THREE: Choice -  2nd Birth after OASI

Objective Measures that can be used to guide decision making for a second birth after OASI

Adv PF - Trauma Informed Care (Postpartum PTSD, Sexual Trauma and Domestic Violence)

1 Day Live Online

Understanding and catering for the needs of Clients with PTSD and or a history of abuse

Course will address

- Symptoms of PTSD

- Managing Flashbacks

- Postpartum PTSD

- Child Sexual Abuse

- Domestic Violence

- Documentation

Adv PF: Co-Morbidities linked to Pelvic Floor Dysfunction

1.5 Days Theory Online

The impact on the bladder, bowel and sexual function of the following conditions:

1. Medical Conditions:

- Diabetes Mellitus

- Sleep Apnea and

- Heart Disease

2. Neural Injuries

- Traumatic Brain Injuries

- Spinal Cord Injury

- Stroke

3. Nervous System Diseases

- Parkinson's Disease

- Multiple Sclerosis

Apv PF:  Sexual Dysfunction -  

Orgasm and Arousal disorders

Adv PF: Objective Testing Course

1 Day Theory plus VE Prac

Not currently running

Designed to assist physiotherapists to make their assessments of pelvic floor function more objective, reliable and valid to the goals of treatment.

Theory section will cover the research on sensitivity, specificity, Intra-rater and Inter-rater reliability as well as validity of:

1. POP-Q measures

2. PF Strength Scales (MOS, ICS scale, Brink Score)

3. Hiatus Assessments (genital and Levator Hiatus)

4. Manometry

5. EMG

6. Ultrasound (TA and TP)

7. Other objective assessment options.

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