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Enrolment WHTA L3 Advanced Pelvic Floor Courses



The following enrolment form is for the WHTA Advanced Pelvic Floor Courses

It is important to understand that these courses are designed for advanced pelvic floor therapists wishing to extend their knowledge and skills into advanced clinical reasoning and treatment design.


Absolute minimum assumed knowledge is completion of the Australian Physiotherapy - Women's Pelvic Health Level 2 (or equivalent in other countries for non-Australian Physiotherapists), combined with independent clinical experience assessing and treating urinary incontinence, pelvic organ prolapse, overactive bladder etc.



WHTA cannot take responsibility for physiotherapists who enrol in a Level 3 course who do not have sufficient prior education, knowledge or experience to keep up with the course content.



For courses with a practical component involving internal examination (Adv POP/SUI and Adv Pain Courses), participants must have previously performed at least 20 internal examinations on patients independently in clinical practice.



After submitting the following application form, applicants should receive confirmation of their 'tentative enrolment' within 1 week. At that time a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE deposit is required to confirm the participants place.

Final payment is then required no later than 1 MONTH prior to the course start date.


Has the physiotherapist enrolling completed this specific course before? (ie are they repeating this course as a refresher)*

BUSINESS NAME AND ADDRESS FOR TAX INVOICE (if different to Physiotherapists Details)

PHYSIOTHERAPIST Declaration: I declare I am currently a registered physiotherapist within my own country

Enrolment Conditions re: Intellectual Property / Copyright*

COURSE FEES (Member vs Non-Member Rate)

Are you a WHTA Member (including Associated Members)?
FOR NON-WHTA MEMBERS: Would you like to apply for WHTA lifetime membership ($99) to receive the membership rate on your enrolment and licence to use patient handouts in your clinic?

Payment Terms*

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